JPHE is proud to have an editorial board characterised by academic excellence, practical experience and diversity. Each member has been invited to the board on the basis of his or her contribution to scholarly debate on praxis, higher education, and/or praxis in higher education.

Editorial Board

Ronald Barnett (University College London, UK)

Dennis Beach (University of Borås, Sweden)

Eva Bendix Petersen (Roskilde University, Denmark)

Eva Brodin (Lund University, Sweden)

Emily Danvers (University of Sussex, UK)

Liezel Frick (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa)

Peter Grootenboer (Griffith University, Australia)

Driss Habti (University of Eastern Finland, Finland)

Hannu L. T. Heikkinen (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)

Stephen Kemmis (Charles Sturt University, Australia)

Elizabeth Anne Kinsella (University of Western Ontario, Canada)

Maresi Nerad (University of Washington, US)

Petri Salo (Åbo Akademi University, Finland)

Doris Santos (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia)

Gina Wisker (University of Brighton, UK)