Now published!

We are pleased to announce the publication of JPHE’s second issue! Five original and thought provoking articles, plus the Editorial, will shortly be available for download under ‘Current Issue’.


The historical potential of flux in this unique moment. Conceptually highlighting an opportunity for praxis-driven change (pp. 1-10)

David Hoffman, Melina Aarnikoivu, Petra Angervall, Catarina Player Koro, and Kathleen Mahon


Who is we? Attending to similarity and difference as discourse praxis in the university classroom (pp. 11-27)

Collective on Praxis in Health Sciences Education

Curriculum development and quality work in higher education in Sweden. The external stakeholder perspective (pp. 28-45)

Per Fagrell, Anna Fahlgren, and Svante Gunnarsson

Making visible the affective dimensions of scholarship in postgraduate writing development work (pp. 46-62)

Sherran Clarence

Research or teaching? Contradictory demands on Swedish teacher educators and the consequences for the quality of teacher education (pp. 63-84)

Petra Angervall, Richard Baldwin, and Dennis Beach

Learning of academics in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic (pp. 85-107)

Ela Sjølie, Susanne Francisco, Kathleen Mahon, Mervi Kaukko, and Stephen Kemmis