First submission

To ensure an efficient review process, authors should initially consider whether or not their manuscript fits the journal. Please read information about the scope of JPHE. Also, note that by submitting a manuscript to JPHE, it is implied that it is not currently under consideration elsewhere, and will not be submitted for such consideration during the review process.

PLEASE NOTE that when you submit a manuscript to JPHE, along with the requested author information, JPHE will save the information in order to facilitate the review process and future contacts. Submitting a manuscript to JPHE thus implies that you consent to the submitted information being stored by JPHE. It will never be sold to or shared with outside parties.

Next, please follow the checklist below:

1. Make sure the manuscript adheres to the formal requirements:

a) It should be between 6,000 and 8,000 words long. If shorter or longer, an explicit justification should be provided.

b) Use Times New Roman 12 pt font with double spacing. Please include a 2-3 centimeter margin on the right hand side of each page.

c) The manuscript should have a coherent and functional reference system so that reviewers and editors can identify the sources relied upon. If accepted for publication, the authors will be asked to revise the reference system. The journal’s reference system is based on APA 6th Edition: . Please use the journal’s first issue as a guide.

d) The manuscript must be anonymized in the interests of blind review. References to the author’s own work should be omitted or formulated in impersonal terms (e.g., do not write “See my article…”; instead, simply write “For an excellent example, see Johansson (2017)”).

2. Please prepare a separate title page to accompany the manuscript. The title page should contain the following:

a) Full title of the manuscript

b) An abstract, no longer than 200 words

c) Five keywords

d) Complete contact information of the author (name, address, telephone, email, affiliation)

e) Any acknowledgements that should be inserted before publication

f) Short biographies for each author (maximum 100 words per biography).

3. Please keep in mind that full legal responsibility for the content of the manuscript lies with the author. When submitting a manuscript to JPHE it is thereby implied that the author has obtained the necessary rights to use other people’s material, and that the author has credited his or her sources in an appropriate manner. It is assumed that the author has followed research ethics protocols relevant to the research context and has conducted the research in an ethically sensitive manner.

4. Please save the manuscript and the title page as a .doc or .docx file. Note that other formats are not accepted. The files are to be emailed to The manuscript will then be given a unique manuscript number and undergo an initial review to ensure that is fits the scope of our journal and adheres to the formal requirements.

5. If deemed appropriate for the journal, two or more independent reviewers will be recruited. Their assessments will be critically analysed by the designated editor (‘managing editor’), who will make a decision concerning the manuscript. The decision will be one of the following:

rejection – the manuscript will not be published by JPHE

acceptance – the manuscript will be published but may require some minor revisions (especially in order to fit the journal’s preferred format and style)

major revisions required – the manuscript will be reconsidered for publication after being revised in accordance with the recommendations provided by the managing editor.

In the case of manuscripts for which major revisions are required, the managing editor will decide if the resubmitted manuscript is to be rejected or accepted. In some cases, however, the editor may require some further and minor revisions before a final decision is made.

Preparation for Publication

If a manuscript is accepted, the author must revise it so that it adheres to the style guidelines outlined below (see Vol. 1, Issue 1 as a guide). Please note that JPHE does not offer proof-reading; proof-reading is therefore the responsibility of the author.


Currently, JPHE only publishes articles in English. Either British, American or Australian English is accepted, as long as it is used consistently throughout the manuscript. Contractions are accepted when appropriate, but should in general be avoided. Standard abbreviations are acceptable. Also, keep in mind that JPHE’s audience is international. Hence, terms or expressions that are local or national to their character should generally be avoided.

Our preferred style is non-technical and with as little genre-specific jargon as possible; hence, the authors should take care to express their ideas in a clear and succinct manner, and to explain any technical phrases used. Abbreviations should be explained at their first occurrence. Statistical analysis must be explained in a clear and non-technical manner.

Formatting for all text – main text, notes, abstracts, title, bibliography – must be set in Times New Roman, 12 pt and double spaced.

The following levels of headings are to be used.

                      First level

                      Second level

First level headings should be followed by an empty line. Both headings are to be preceded by two empty lines.

Use italics only for emphasis or foreign words. If mentioned in the manuscript, book titles and journal titles are also to be in italics. No text should be bold or underlined.

The Acknowledgements section will be inserted by editorial staff if relevant.

Figures, graphic models or similar should be submitted in a separate file, using any of the common formats. Colour images or diagrams are not accepted.

JPHE recommends that footnotes be used only when necessary. For example, a footnote may be used to suggest further readings or to discuss possible counterarguments that are deemed potential but not obvious.